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Hi, I’m Shermaine!

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the latest release

Breaking Point

Humans are fragile beings, and unfortunately for us, life is a dangerous game. We’ll break if we’re not careful. What if we’re accelerating that process?

a fact worth sharing

You are strong.

favorite posts

If you’re new to the blog and have no idea where to begin, I’ve got you covered. Introducing some of my proudest pieces:

what it means to be a woman

This is a letter that I’ve wanted to write and publish for a long time, one dedicated to society. And I think all the females out there (or males) should hear it.

4 secrets to excellence

Have you ever felt like you were a jack of all trades, yet you never seem to be the master of one. Perhaps this will change that.

broken pieces

“Heart made of glass my mind of stone.” What happens when we lose a piece of our hearts? What happens if we can’t mend it?


If you watch 《青春有你3》 (Youth With You 3), I love you already.
Spring break has arrived!
This was actually a while ago, but I craved cake so my mom just got one for me.

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